Do you need emergency cleaning help?

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Accidents and emergencies happen and often result in the need for a quick and thorough clean of an area at short notice. Especially if this is somewhere public and you have regular footfall or traffic coming through. It’s important to clean an area quickly and properly in order to avoid any danger and risk of infection to others.

We’ve helped numerous customers in the past; just some examples include carpet cleaning after a flood, glass or other mess cleared following an accident, complete disinfection of a building due to a sickness outbreak, the removal of dead animals/animal waste/human bodily fluids/ other waste from car parks and basement footwells and the disinfection and cleaning of external bins in order to prevent vermin infestations.

We can also help to clear fly tipped rubbish from car parks at short notice, remove graffiti, chewing gum and heavy grease deposits on floors and other surfaces.

You don’t need to be a regular customer to benefit from this service. We are happy to come out as a one-off, if we can. For further information or advice call on 01202 252252/ 07812 555856 or email today.

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