Staying safe and healthy at work- our colleagues and clients

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At Perfect Finish Cleaning Group Ltd our priority is the safety of our staff as well as that of our clients and/or members of the public that may be around when any cleaning is taking place.

We are working hard to put various procedures in place to help with this:

All our staff have the opportunity to attend health and safety training with a large meeting held once a year, as well as ad-hoc training organised in our office as required. This training covers a number of areas, detailed more below, as well as the safe use of electrical equipment and manual handling advice relevant to the tasks undertaken.

Staff attending our recent training day held in February

All staff are trained in important colour coding meaning different coloured equipment is only used in certain areas: Blue for general areas, Red in toilets, Green in kitchen areas and Yellow in surgical areas. COSHH reports are available for all cleaning products we use and can be viewed on request.


Our designated Health and Safety co-ordinator visits all sites soon after the initial contract is agreed to put in place a site-specific risk assessment. This RA is kept on-site wherever possible (usually in the cleaning cupboard) so all staff can see it, together with method statements for all tasks undertaken, cleaning product information and accident/emergency guidance.

In the event of accident, which is very rare, all staff have access to a first aid kit and first aid guidance booklet. All accidents are reported to the office, however minor. We have two trained and qualified first aiders available to attend  site in the case of a non-urgent accident.

Staff uniform/PPE is supplied at induction and any replacements or spares are available from our office. We can provide safety gloves, googles, and face masks as necessary and are happy to supply additional equipment such as litter pickers, heavy duty gloves, wheeled buckets, step ladders etc.

A range of uniform, including lanyards for keys

Staff have the opportunity to let us know of any medical conditions or disabilities, in order for us to accommodate them in the workplace as necessary. They can report any concerns about their safety and wellbeing at any time via telephone, email or by visiting us in the office.

All staff are given a health and safety training booklet to keep, together with a copy of the HSE Health and Safety Law leaflet for future refence. Wherever possible we translate our documents into other languages, in order to ensure our staff fully understand all paperwork they are given.

Staff documentation available in additional languages- such as Portuguese.

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